Suggestions for a better world

Einstein made the world better.  So did Marconi.  Banting and Best?  You bet!

I’d like to think I have a little inventiveness in me.  I’m no physicist, inventor, or medical researcher (not that I need much convincing of that.)

Yet here’s my suggestions to make the world a better place.

  • bank cards and reward cards. These seriously need to be a colour other than blue.  I’m thinking bright yellow.  Brilliant pink.  Just something other than blue so I can grab them in a hurry when I have my purse out.
  • toothpaste. Isn’t there something other than mint and fruit flavoured?  I’d like to see a whole cornucopia of toothpaste flavours.  Colgate, I know you can make this happen.  Forget “bubblegum” and “spearmint.”  Think raspberry, orange, cherry.  Tempt my palate!
  • clothespins. We put humans on the moon, so surely we can keep wash on a clothesline in even a gale.  Make it so!
  • vitamins. I find it hard to swallow pills.  Can’t you make more of them chewable?  Remember Flintstones’ chewable vitamins.  Those were the days.
  • packaged foods. I know most people like salt.  I know sodium makes things taste better.  Please cut the salt so I can enjoy canned soup and microwave dinners once again without feeling I’m eating a salt lick.
  • radio stations. I listen to a lot of stations and they all play the same music over and over and over.  There’s lots of music to pick from in your category, whether it is adult contemporary or country.  Play it all, not a small selection of top hits and classics that should’ve died in the 80s.
  • clothing sizes. Some of us come in shapes other than that of a teenage boy.  Please make a variety of clothes to fit us, because some of us do have hips and chests that do not fit to your “ideal.”  And guess what, we’re willing to pay money for this service because we are tired of paying to fit in clothes that make us look like human sausages.
  • packaging. I hate needing scissors and a utility knife to open a package of socks.  Seriously, can’t we save the environment some plastic and sell them ready to go.  Does it prevent a little theft?  Isn’t that why stores have surveillance cameras?
  • curtain panels. Windows need more than one.  Stop selling them one panel at a time.  You don’t buy one shoe at a time, do you?  This is just a cheezy way to make your curtains look cheaper.  I hate that.
  • serving sizes. Instead of cutting food into little sizes so the nutritional information doesn’t look so bad, please put nutritional information with the ACTUAL serving size.  If I’m cheating, I want to know how much.

Okay, so my list won’t exactly cure cancer.  Nor will it make any huge political changes, depose any dictators, or create a paradise where we can live in utter happiness.

Then again, maybe it will.

I'm all for improving wash line technology.

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  1. hi wats your myspace page

    1. Miss Julie says:

      Hi there!

      I don’t have one. I keep to wordpress mostly.


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