Spring fever checklist

My heart bursts like the red buds that surround my house in the country.  The miracle of spring is all around… in the robins cocking their heads on the lawn, looking for worms; in the squawking of nesting birds chasing crows from their homes; in the balmy breezes blowing through the pines, sounding like applause.

Three lips are better than one.

Ah, spring.

And so, my list of why spring is so delightful.

Numero uno.

The utter destruction of winter as the sun makes temperatures hit 40… yes, my thermometer has cracked the 40 Celsius mark.


  • perennials poking through the earth and, all of a sudden, blooming
  • first real car clean and wax since winter
  • the smell of fresh-cut grass tinged with a bit of supreme gas
  • the explosion of green as trees finally birth leaves
  • seeing a calf born in a farmer’s field
  • shorts! capris! flip-flops!
  • Vitamin D and serotonin flooding your system
  • sunroof weather
  • pedicures that will be seen by the outside world
  • daffodils, tulips, apple blossoms and all the delicious blooms that make spring colourful
  • not feeling jealous about everyone’s Cuba/Dominican Republic/Mexico trip and resulting suntans
  • no more rough roads
  • the opening of nurseries! the smell of mulch!
  • bending down on your knees and kneading the ground of your garden so it will nurture new plant
  • spring babies
  • first produce of the season: rhubarb!

I’m sure I will think of many more things I love about spring as it blossoms around me.

There’s nothing like an April/May awakening.

I love this multi-coloured tulip.

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