Best giggle-inducing words in the English language

Some words just sound dirty even though they are perfectly innocent.  It can be the pronunciation of them, or the looks of them.  But here are my favourite giggle-inducing words that never fail to delight me on a childish level.

Yes, I may have two English degrees, but I cannot resist these gems!

Let’s visit a few nifty ones.

  • tiddly winks
  • fiddle sticks (darn!)
  • kibble
  • dribble
  • foible
  • brouhaha (I’d like to try some of that)
  • hootenanny (sounds like a loud grandmother)
  • namby-pamby (I hear it as an insult, really)
  • gizzard
  • gobbledgook
  • mocktail
  • chicken (because everything tastes like it)
  • niblet (aw, how cute!)
  • insipid (nothing insipid about this word)
  • psittacosis (darn parrots)
  • quaff (sounds more like the sound you make after quaffing too much)
  • bouffant (not as funny as what it actually looks like)
  • moose milk (some want the kick!)
  • flugelhorn (use the spit valve!)
  • mung beans (no thanks, I’d go with lima beans)
  • pablum (doesn’t sound insipid though)
  • ne’er-do-well (in fact, this word is so insulting, we can’t even be bothered to pronounce the v)

Then there are the dirty sounding ones, the ones that are perfectly innocuous even though they sound suspicious.

  • tit mouse (sounds like something they sell at a sex shop for people who like to go online for more than Wikipedia)
  • bushwacker (I’ll bet it sounds funnier in an Aussie accent)
  • executrix (do they wear heels and leather?)
  • Minutemen (and yet helpful in the American Revolution)
  • phantasm (it’s probably not real, though)
  • hoedown  (self-explanatory)
  • horehound (I have some in my herb garden, actually)
  • moil (nope, not what you’re thinking)
  • sexton (the very opposite of what you’d think)
  • mouth organ (I’m just glad they use harmonica now instead)
  • pianist (especially with emphasis on the p)

And best word of all?

  • masticate

Not only does it sound like something that will make you go blind (or kill a kitten each time you do it), but masticate is in fact a synonym for chew, creating all sorts of witty possible sentences.

I masticated at the dinner table.

Never masticate and talk at the same time.

My grandmother caught me masticating.

The possibilities are endless!

This, then, has been my foray into adolescence for the day.

Bet this chicken has a GIZZARD!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Miss Julie says:

    Found a new phone… mensuration. Not what you think it means! Hehehehe.

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