Snow pros and cons

I can never figure out whether I’m pro-snow or anti-snow.  Some days, I think it’s real purdy; other days, when my hems are wet, I can’t wait for spring to spring!  So do I hate snow?  Or do I (albeit deep inside) long for those flurries to pass across the streetlight in my yard?  Hmmm.

Snow Pros

  1. It’s purdy.
  2. It makes snow days.
  3. It employs people in the plowing business.
  4. It encourages skiing.
  5. It’s real fun trying to slide your car in a parking lot.
  6. It usually has to warm up to snow.
  7. You can build forts in it.
  8. Snowball fights!
  9. It’s easier to see deer crossing the road.
  10. You can make homemade ice cream with it.
  11. It makes the world look pure.
  12. You get to wear geek hats and homeknit mittens!
  13. Christmas isn’t the same without it.
  14. It helps insulate your home.
  15. Snow angels.
  16. You don’t have to give your dog water; he or she will just eat the snow.
  17. If you’re a guy, you can write your name in it.
  18. It hides litter.
  19. You don’t have to mow it.
  20. It makes you feel all snuggly inside your house.

Snow Cons

  1. It melts and makes your clothes wet and cold.
  2. You have to shovel it.
  3. It gets muddy in late winter.
  4. It slows you down when you try to walk through it.
  5. It makes the roads slippery.
  6. Makes it hard to go skating.
  7. Rocks in snowballs.
  8. It can suffocate you.
  9. It costs a lot to push it around.
  10. Once it’s on the power lines, it can cause an outage.
  11. It’s hard to get motivated to exercise in it.
  12. You need special clothes to play in it.
  13. It makes it hard for the creatures to find food.
  14. Cleaning the car off a gazillion times when you’re running errands in the middle of a snowstorm.
  15. You have to drive slow (except if you need a run on to get up a hill.)
  16. Sun blindness.  Ugh.
  17. It can make your roof collapse.
  18. Snow down your socks or neck.  Uck!
  19. Yellow snow.
  20. Having to leave your snuggly house to move your car for the plow.

So, my final tally is… aw crap.  It’s the same for both columns!  I guess I’m not closer to knowing if I hate snow or not.

Maybe I love winter, yet I can’t wait for spring to come.  That sounds just about right.

Con: It buries your car.

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