Lunenburg County Medical Dictionary

Lunenburg County dentistry equipment.

This dictionary is by no means my creation.  However, I’d like to share it because it’s a hoot.

anally: occurring every year

artery: the study of paintings

barium: deep in the ground

Caesarian section: a district in Rome

catarrh: stringed instrument

cauterize: to make eye contract

colic: a sheep dog

congenital: friendly

D & C: where the American president lives

diarrhea: a journal of daily events

dilate: to live a long healthy life

enema: the opposite of a friend

fester: to do quickly

If you feel a stabbing in your back, you might be having a seizure.

fibula: a small lie

hangnail: where you put your coat

impotent: distinguished and well-known

morbid: a higher offer

nitrate: usually cheaper than day rate

node: was aware of

outpatient: someone who has fainted

pap smear: fatherhood test

placenta: Christmas flower with red blossoms; or a place in Newfoundland.

post-operative: someone who delivers mail

recovery room: place for doing upholstery

rectum: and darn near killed’em too

rheumatic: in love and amorous

scar: rolled tobacco leaf, often from Cuba

secretion: hiding anything

seizure: Roman emperor; or type of salad

serology: study of cereal

Don't think Rand McNally has this particular map.

tablet: very small table

terminal illness: sickness at the airport

tibia: country in Africa

tumour: an extra pair

urine: the opposite of you’re out

varicose: located nearby

vein: conceited, snotty


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  1. Deacon says:

    Rectum killed ME!

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