Homemade donair sauce

If you’re like me, the wee little containers of donair sauce they include with your order of garlic fingers aren’t enough.  And when you make homemade pizza, that special something is missing.  Yes, you know what it is.  It’s a lack of donair sauce.

Thick, rich, creamy and full of garlic.  Supposedly invented by a Halifax restaurant called King of Donair in 1973, making it the quintessential Nova Scotian sauce (at least next to the cream you put over hodgepodge.)

Don’t deny yourself donair sauce any longer.

Whip together:

  • one can of sweetened (not evaporated) condensed milk
  • white or apple cider vinegar
  • garlic powder (not garlic salt)

Add the amount of vinegar and garlic powder you enjoy, but be forewarned the garlic powder will spread throughout the mixture, so go easy or you’ll burn your mouth.

And then… enjoy!

Nutritional Details

Keeps away vampires.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Deacon says:

    that one’s great for instant sauce. if you’re ok with waiting overnight, the evaporated milk/sugar/vin/garlic one works well too. gets pretty thick too. (i met the nephew of the inventor, here in ontario. he has a shop called Halifax Donair. pretty good story about how the KOD/King of Donair shit went down)

  2. Miss Julie says:

    I haven’t tried the evaporated milk version. I like instant gratification! lol.

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