Get into the Christmas mood with cinfully delicious cider

It’s December the second.  We’ve only had a slight sprinkling of snow to put us in the Christmas mood.  For me, I’m lucky enough to watch all the Christmas trees travelling to and from DeLong Farms… a true sign of the season that starts in early November for those of us living in the Christmas Tree Capital of the World.  But even the perfume of balsam fir has not freed my inner Santa Claus.

A cornucopia of sugary goodness I suggest having with your cider.

Blame it on the 10 degree plus days that remind me of spring.  Attribute it to the recession and a lack of funds.  We all have something that tries to make us grinchy.

However, here’s one way to get in the Christmas mood: hot apple cider!

This recipe is from one of my former co-workers.  It’s simple.  I like simple.  It means you can do it any time your Christmas mood is flagging.  It’s best enjoyed with company–or colourful shortbreads!

Cinfully Delicious Hot Apple Cider

You need:

  • a slow cooker
  • fresh-pressed apple cider (local Valley cider is best)
  • oranges
  • sugar to taste (less is better, remember!)
  • cinnamon (nutmeg and/or cloves if you prefer)

Break out the slow cooker.  Don’t have one?  Try a pot on the stove, set to simmer.

Pour your apple cider into the pot or cooker, then add your sliced oranges and cinnamon.  Powdered or sticks work fine.  If you dig nutmeg and cloves, add those too!

Simmer for a few hours, letting the citrus and cinnamon flavour the apple cider… and spread the delicious smell throughout your house.  Unplug the plug in fragrances because you won’t be needing them for days.

After cider has cooked for a few hours, dip cider as needed into warm mugs.  And enjoy.

Warning: May cause intense feelings of winter nostalgia and love for Saint Nick and all things related to the holidays.


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