Flu shot fever

Guess who got their flu shot!  Actually, I got two: one in each arm.  An H1N1 inoculation AND the seasonal flu shot.

I’m delighted to report I got no adverse reactions other than a little sensitivity at each injection site.  But what’s a few track marks?

I was lucky enough to have a doctor’s appointment an hour and a half after the Nova Scotia government released the H1N1 shot to the general public… e.g. to slobs like me with no underlying chronic conditions or other risk factors.  I was expecting to get my seasonal flu shot, and was thrilled to get the H1N1 shot that same day.

The doctor’s office was packed with people waiting to get shot.  Absolutely amazing.

Inoculation is one of our best defenses against viruses, at least until they create some kind of antivirotics or something that attacks viruses like antibiotics kills bacteria.

Handwashing?  Well, it would be a great defense, but hygiene is lacking in many of our adults today.  People go to the bathroom and don’t wash their hands.  And then sometimes eat.  You can’t prevent disease this way!  Sheesh!

So, to all you non-handwashers out there, I have my flu shot and I’m not afraid to use it.


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