Satellite radio: the antichrist?

I feel like waxing poetic about satellite radio because I keep receiving harassing phone calls about whether I want to keep my satellite radio after my free trial period.  Actually, they’re not harassing.  But any calls I receive at supper time after a one hour commute rank up there in my list of reasons I hate telemarketing.

Working in radio, well, it only makes sense that I would decry commercial-free programming.  And because I create ads, that is even that much more of an atrocity, because I can’t listen to ideas and dwell on reasons why my copywriting is much better than that crap coming out of national agencies.

But I digress.

In the end, it’s all a personal preference.

I am not that jazzed about punching through hundreds of channels whilst trying to navigate the wilds of Nova Scotia.  I mean, I could run over a hare while trying to find some Lady GaGa and that is a no-no.

I’ve done my best to avoid my satellite radio so I don’t get addicted to it (the whole concept of the free trial) though I am fond of the movie theme channel.  Probably because I want to avoid paying for something I can get for free (ranks up there with those high priced oxygen bars.)

And I’m pretty fascinated that I have a CD player, mp3 player and a jack to my iPod.  I mean, my technology use has doubled–tripled even.  So I’m content to listen to my CD with dozens upon dozens of Evanescence hits and demos… or to plug in my mp3 player and listen to music I’ve downloaded (legally of course… I’ve said too much.)

My budget is pretty tight, so adding radio to my monthly expenses is not something I want to do.  And quite frankly, I think if I gave the satellite radio people my credit card number, I’d hear alarms in the background.

Do I think satellite radio is the wave of the future.  No.  Or at least not yet.  Maybe sometime drivers will prefer commercial free lives.  But for now, I can’t see people picking a monthly payment for something they can get for free (along with local news and weather.)  I can’t call in to win a gift certificate to Joe Cook’s diner on satellite radio.  And heaven forbid I’d miss a snowstorm on the forecast!  Golly!

Radio may go the way of TV (I’m still a bit bitter than I may end up having to pay for TV because the analogue signals will be going the way of the Great Auk.)  But for now, I’m happy to tune in to the many stations I have access to–including my own, Magic 94.9 and AVR, and CHFX.  I’m happy to have no radio bills.  And I’m pretty amazed about having a USB port in my car (it’s like a Bond car.)

Satellite radio… the antichrist?  Who knows.  I’m just glad I still have the choice to enjoy free programming.


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