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For those of you living on the East Coast, you know that Wednesdays are for storms. Most Wednesdays, schools are closed due to apocalyptic winter conditions. In terms of being a substitute teacher, it means another day I don’t get paid. (There are a lot of those.)

Apparently, spring is still coming. I haven’t heard otherwise, but the constant shovelling makes me question the existence of grass, robins, and unicorns. (Speaking of shovelling, I will have arms of steel by April.)

As you can tell, I’ve refreshed my blog with a leaner, meaner look. I’ve also christened it with a new name because it has always bugged me that the word “Daily” was in the name when I post bimonthly at best.

Of course, I haven’t been doing a heck of a lot these last two months. I find the more time you have, the more you waste. You tend to be quite inefficient, often spending hours reading with a cat on your lap. Mostly I’ve been browsing the internet for work, reorganizing parts of the house that are more cluttered than an antique store, and taking care of myself with some wholesome tips from one of my favourite blogs, Joyous Health.

It’s been hard to keep one’s chin up during the world’s longest winter, but I’ve been managing to keep the faith that spring is coming. I felt hints of it the other day. Before two back-to-back storms.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go organize something.

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